League Competitions.
For 2017-18 the rules have changed slightly.
There are league competitions for both Prints & PDI(Digital).
The print competition is open to Novice & General members. This is due to the reduction in the number of print entries over recent years.
The PDI competition retains the separate sections for Novice & General members

There are four league competitions throughout the year on the dates shown in the syllabus and the club website.
Each member can submit a maximum of four images in each section.
The committee has the right to remove image number four submitted by every photographer in order to reduce the total number of entries. If this still leaves too many entries then image number three may also be removed from every photographer’s entry.
Any images removed in this way may be submitted to the next competition.
Members may submit four images but will be asked to number these 1 to 4 in order of preference.

The judges are asked to mark each image out of 20.
These marks will be accumulated and will give the league positions.
The person with the highest aggregate score shall win the trophy.

of four images in each section.
The images submitted must have been judged in a club competition (either an internal competition or external competition) during the current season.
A trophy will be awarded to the top image in each section.

General Rules

Images entered into CKPS competitions must be the complete work of the member. The only exception to this is printing; an image may be printed by a commercial lab or a colleague as long as there is no further manipulation done to the image.
Hand-in dates are published in the printed syllabus and on the club website.
Only paid up members may enter competitions.
There is no charge for entering CKPS competitions.
An image, or one substantially like a previous image, may be entered into club competition only once, regardless of format
Prints may be any reasonable size. They may be mounted on board no larger than 20” X 16”(approx. 50cm X 40cm).
Although unmounted prints may be entered, members are advised to mount them in order to improve the presentation.
The title of the print, but NOT the photographer’s name, should appear on the reverse (in the top left corner) of the mount.