Advanced Print Entries 2016-17

Finished with engines Andy Pearson 18
Secret harbor Andy Pearson 15
Harvest due at Pease bay Andy Pearson 16
Garden with a view Andy Pearson 15
Twenty leagues to go Andy Pearson 20
Cutting it close Andy Pearson 19
Autumn calling Andy Pearson 15
Summertime at Kerrycroft Andy Pearson 15
Glen Etive Joe Higney 18
Trotternish ridge Joe Higney 19
Bow Fiddle sunset Joe Higney 20
Mists, mountains and river Joe Higney 17
Dawn at Loch Ruskie Joe Higney 18
Caught on a rock Joe Higney 16
Catching the light Joe Higney 17
Glen Lyon birches Joe Higney 16
Rising mists Glencoe Joe Higney 20
Black Mount sunrise Joe Higney 19
Frozen Joe Higney 15
Moonlit snowscene Joe Higney 16
Home is the sailor Joe Higney 16
Trio Joe Higney 20
Watching the sunset Joe Higney 15
View from the river #2 Joe Higney 18
Northern sunrise Kenny McLean 18
Shades of gold Kenny McLean 19
Blue and yellow Kenny McLean 17
Broken & abused Kenny McLean 16
Bowfiddle Blue Kenny McLean 14
Hanging Askew Kenny McLean 15
Evening Panorama Kenny McLean 14
Heading for Home Kenny McLean 14
Beach structure Kenny McLean 16
In the snow Kenny McLean 15
No. 10 Kenny McLean 13
Northern shoreline Kenny McLean 18
High society Peter Lawrie 15
It’s mine Peter Lawrie 16
Lots of horse power Peter Lawrie 14
Sparking performance Peter Lawrie 16
Its supposed to be a three wheeler Peter Lawrie 14
Bird on a skull Peter Lawrie 17
Duel Peter Lawrie 14
Pocket rocket Peter Lawrie 16
Quad racing Peter Lawrie 14
Glen Lochay Peter Lawrie 17
Cloch lighthouse Peter Lawrie 17
British built Peter Lawrie 16
Flurry of snow Peter Lawrie 16
Motocross Peter Lawrie 19
BMX Peter Lawrie 16
The chase Peter Lawrie 16