Advanced Digital Entries 2016-17

Sagittarius is home Andy Pearson 15
The cloud pool Andy Pearson 14
The sandy bay Andy Pearson 15
Wellies on parade Andy Pearson 14
Crow steps to a hanging Andy Pearson 13
Rock and ruin Andy Pearson 16
The bridge over the Bass Andy Pearson 15
The house by the shore Andy Pearson 15
BMX action Andy Price 15
Go on ! Andy Price 18
Locked wheels Andy Price 17
The batsman Andy Price 17
BMX racers Andy Price 18
Mooring rope Andy Price 13
Zebra, zebra zebra Andy Price 16
Maximum effort Andy Price 15
Blue headed agama lizard with prey Andy Price 16
Kite surfer Andy Price 17
Social work intervention Andy Price 16
Licking his lips Andy Price 14
Catch it !!! Andy Price 17
Baboon portrait Andy Price 16
Open wide Andy Price 16
Nest builder Andy Price 16
Bluebell patch Derek Souter 14
Gone fishing Derek Souter 16
The arch Derek Souter 17
Warp speed Derek Souter 15
Colour run Derek Souter 13
Fairy woods Derek Souter 12
Eilean Donan Derek Souter 17
Kelpies under the stars Derek Souter 20
Cove harbor #1 Derek Souter 13
Fairy in the woods Derek Souter 15
Sunset on Loch Arklet Derek Souter 16
The carousel Derek Souter 15
Annie the black kite Derek Souter 14
Eilean Donan Derek Souter 18
Loch Etive Derek Souter 12
The fairy and her steed Derek Souter 14
Across Loch Ba Joe Higney 18
Frozen Lochan Joe Higney 17
High and dry and frozen Joe Higney 16
Scarista Joe Higney 20
Glencoe dawn Joe Higney 19
Blue eye Joe Higney 13
Taking a tumble Joe Higney 18
First light at the Quirang Joe Higney 15
Grumpy grouse Joe Higney 16
Trio #2 Joe Higney 19
Glen Lyon colours Joe Higney 14
Dalmore storm Joe Higney 15
Affric dawn Joe Higney 17
Cullen harbor dusk Joe Higney 16
Don’t look they’re snogging ! Joe Higney 17
Moonset Castle Stalker Joe Higney 16
Blackness sunset Kenny McLean 16
Colourful beach hut Kenny McLean 15
The Gospel according to St Luke Kenny McLean 14
The tram men Kenny McLean 16
Autumn Lochan Kenny McLean 15
Abstract reflection Kenny McLean 13
Raindrops and red Kenny McLean 15
Watching Kenny McLean 14
Architectural abstract Kenny McLean 15
No entry Kenny McLean 18
Poolside Kenny McLean 13
Midsummer Kenny McLean 20
Icelandic abstract Kenny McLean 15
Patiently waiting Kenny McLean 19
No picnics today ! Kenny McLean 20
Road from the land of ice Kenny McLean 15
bearcat Peter Lawrie 16
One way to stop Peter Lawrie 15
It’s a blur Peter Lawrie 19
Pretty in pink Peter Lawrie 18
Determination Peter Lawrie 14
Kicking up the dirt Peter Lawrie 14
The struggle Peter Lawrie 15
focused Peter Lawrie 14
Bellhaven bridge Peter Lawrie 14
Cove harbor #2 Peter Lawrie 13
Exotic Peter Lawrie 14
Dukes pass Peter Lawrie 13
Formula -125 Peter Lawrie 16
Hillclimb special Peter Lawrie 15
Ice hockey Peter Lawrie 16
Leading the pack Peter Lawrie 17